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All On 4 ® Same-Day Dental Implants!

With Our All On 4 ® Same-Day, One-Visit dental implant procedure, you can walk in with missing teeth and walk out with a full set of teeth.

We use the One-Visit Dental implant treatment specifically to replace the entire upper or lower set of teeth by using 4 up to 8 dental implants which serves as an anchor for a bridge or overdenture. This dental implant procedure is an alternative to dentures and can replace all of your damaged and missing teeth in just one visit to our dental office here in Smile Dental Care.

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Do You Have Dentures That Slip and Move While You Talk, Chew and Smile?

The Benefits of Dental Implant Retained Dentures!

More Natural Looking – Dentures that are placed over dental implants look, feel, and function more like your natural teeth. The denture is securely anchored to the implant which allows you to smile and chew just as you would with your natural teeth.

No Movement – When dentures are anchored to dental implants, they will not move, which is not the case with removable dentures. Removable dentures are fixed to the gums with adhesives that are not effective and will allow the dentures to slip which will affect your smile and ability to chew.

Improved Chewing Ability – With dental implant retained dentures, you’ll chew just like you would with natural teeth.

What Are Dental Implants?

A dental implant is a small ceramic or titanium screw secured into the jawbone which serves as the anchor or tooth root of the replacement tooth. Both the Ceramic Metal-Free and Titanium implants are a biocompatible material that fuses with the jaw bone which helps to stabilize the implant and prevent facial changes that can occur with bone loss.

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For your first visit, you will receive a completely free  consultation. We will discuss all your options, and if you are a candidate for the procedure.


Single Tooth, Multiple Tooth, and Restorations. We offer restorative treatments that will fit any of your dental needs.


Because Smile Dental Care is able to provide both surgical and restorative services in office, the total cost to replace a tooth or stabilize a denture with implants is significantly affordable . This is because many dental offices don’t have any surgical services so they must refer patients out to an Oral Surgery for implant placement which can increase patient cost, delay, even determining what the total treatment will cost to getting the implant placement .


Generally, single dental implants can start anywhere from $1,500 – $3,000. The cost of All-on-4 treatment can range anywhere from $15,000 and $24,000 to restore an upper or lower arch of teeth. This price can also vary depending on your personalized treatment plan, which accounts for your oral health and requirement of a supplemental procedure.

Most Medicare insurances will cover a portion of the cost, but some may not. If you’d like, a member of our dental team can contact them for you to ensure you get the maximum benefits possible.

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    Are Dental Implants Right For You?

    IF you have one or more missing teeth that keep you from enjoying the simple pleasures of smiling, laughing, talking, eating.

    IF you have dentures that move around and make it hard to chew and smile.

    IF you need a permanent solution to replacing your missing teeth.

    THEN Dental Implants Might Be Right For You!


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